Jesper is trained at LAMDA in England and HB Studio in New York where he studied for Austin Pendleton. During his twenty years as professional actor he has worked in Sweden, Finland and Great Britain. Jesper has been invited to festivals in America and Norway as well as performed at Harare International Arts Festival in Zimbabwe. He has also staged two critically acclaimed productions at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Between 2007 and 2017 Jesper was a member of the ensemble at the repertoire company Mittiprickteatern, one of the oldest and most esteemed independent theatre companies in Sweden. Mittiprickteatern is located in the centre of Stockholm but a major part of the performances has been on tour all around Sweden and also internationally. At Mittiprickteatern Jesper starred in more than 15 productions among others War, what if it were and Fair Play which both ran for several years with over 250 performances each. He also played the title role in Othello, The Snow Queen and Robin Hood. The latter two in collaboration with Parkteatern in Stockhom.

Before and simultaneously with being a part of Mittiprickteatern Jesper has worked with other companies as well such as Cirkus Tigerbrand,  Smålands Musik och Teater and TEATERi. Along side these engagements he has also created his own productions often in collaboration with various musicians. These productions have often contained his own writing mixed with materials from different poets or adaptions of stories by for example Mark Twain and Ivan Turgenev.

During the theatrical year 2017-18 Jesper has performed in Evil, Beethoven in Stalingrad and BULL by Mike Bartlett at TEATERi.  In the fall he has also been part in creating and starring in I Bauerskogen at Smålands Musik och Teater and Jesper is currently preparing for his new upcoming production with expected premiere in March 2019.

Apart from working as an actor Jesper  has also translated, produced and directed several plays for TEATERi, Arin Teaterproduktion and SMOT. Since September 2017 Jesper is an actor at Teateralliansen. 

Supplementary to his acting degree Jesper has received a Master of Arts at Uppsala University with a major in History of Ideas and Science.


Current productions
Play / Part / Company / Director / Year
I Bauerskogen / Humpe/ SMOT / Bernt Höglund / 2018
BULL / Tony / TEATERi / Stefan Marling / 2017-
Evil / Erik / Jesper Arin / Arin Teaterproduktion / 2010-
Beethoven in Stalingrad / Soldier / Arin / Arin Teaterproduktion / 2015-

Previous productions by selection 2011-17
Othello / Othello / Mittiprickteatern / Magnus Munkesjö / 2016-17.
Treasure Island / Parrot / Parkteatern / Cleo Boman / 2017
Fair Play / Vov / Mittiprickteatern / Josefin Lennström / 2015-16
The Snow Queen / The Snow Queen / Parkteatern / Boman / 2014
War, what if it was here / Kim / Mittiprickteatern / Boman, 2013-17
Regnar det på Mars? / Steve / Mittiprickteatern / Lennström / 2013-14
Gentle / Storyteller / Mittiprickteatern / Boman / 2012-14
Isak’s Journey / Marcus / Juliettetrion / Jesper Arin / 2011-14
Fahrenheit 451 / Black / Mittiprickteatern / Boman / 2011-12
Vilken ordning!? / Gus / Mittiprickteatern / Lennström / 2011-12
Som glöd under snö / Lukas / TEATERi / Maja Salomonsson / 2011

Short film for Electrolux / David / Drakfilm / regi: Mattias Gustafsson, 2009
Miraklet i Småland / Stefan / Filmandan / regi: Carl-Johan Seth, 2005
Studentproject / Dramatiska Institutet, Stockholm / 2001
Commercial / Tennis player / Länsförsäkringar / 2000

Non-fiction books – Audio to me – 2010-11

Directing by selection
Isak’s Journey – Juliettetrion – 2011
Den tillit som skapar världen – Juliettetrion – 2010
Mendelssohn 200 years – Juliettetrion – 2009
Pojken med de stora fötterna – Smålands Musik och Teater – 2005
Longing – Smålands Musik och Teater – 2003
the end – ensemble élucian – 2003
Adam’s diary – Prismateatern – 2000

HB Studio – Two year acting program, 1995-96
LAMDA – One year classical acting program, 1996-97

Supplementary courses
Method Acting – Lee Strasberg Studio, 1993
Acting in Movies – Stockholm Dramatiska Högskola, 2007
Meisner Technique – Kirk Baltz 2018
Dance Theatre – Birgitta Egerbladh, 2018
Radio Drama (Sveriges Radio, PBS) – Frida Englund / Eva Staaf, 2018

Övrig utbildning
Master of Arts (History of Ideas and Science) – Uppsala Universitet, 2002

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Testimonials and Reviews
I recommend him without reservation as an artist, a person and a worker.
Austin Pendleton

– dedicated, intelligent, creative, sensitive and always a PERFORMER.
Mary Anthony

the performance is carried along by the sheer talent of the solo performer, who completely owns the stage and every single mind in the audience…
FringeGuru on Evil

Arin is utterly superb in a conversational and naturalistic performance that beautifully realises Erik’s complex character.
Broadway Baby on Evil

it’s brilliantly performed by Jesper Arin […] he lays out the story in a cool, matter-of-fact tone, never flinching from detail, drawing us completely into the narrative.
Bouquets & Brickbats on Evil

Arin transforms himself from one man to the next, bringing to life fathers, sons, husbands and lovers through distinct gestures and expressions. The performance is mesmerising
Midlands What’s On on Beethoven in Stalingrad

The emotive and powerful performance of Jesper Arin provides the focus of the play […] proving intensely brutal in its emotional honesty.
Broadway Baby on Beethoven in Stalingrad

Jesper’s tale tells is gripping and distressing […] there is no self-indulgence here, just honesty […] This is a masterclass in art of storytelling.
Broadway Baby on Evil

A real home run to enjoy… The story is moved forward through a brilliant ensemble work by Stanislaw Frackowiak and Jesper Arin.
Sörmlands Nyheter on Visiting Mr Green