“Why doesn’t he do something? Just standing there.”

First day after the easter holidays. The sports jock Martin arrives at a new school. He is looking around, trying to find a friendly face but the only one who acknowledges him is the quirky Simon. Martin does not want to sit with Simon but there is nowhere else.
At lunch Simon defends Martin from the cool gang and from that moment they become friends. Side by side in the class room they study diligently and after school they find a place in the woods where they build a secret den.

Summer holiday begins and their friendship becomes tighter. Climbing trees, running around town and up the big hills, Simon and Martin dream about becoming famous cartoonists and travel the world. They grow inseparable. Until the day Simon gets the blame for something Martin has done and everything changes….

The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk is a heartfelt story about friendship, courage and holding on to your dreams.

Opened on the 5th of September 2019 at Kulturhuset Jönköping, Sweden.

About the production
Written by Rob Evans
Light design: Mikael Tham
Costume: Isabella van Braeckel
Poster design: Annika Giannini
Photo: Peter Lloyd
Actor / Director: Jesper Arin
Running time: approx 50 minutes

Technical Rider
Stage measures: Depth 5 m, Width 5 m, Height 3 m
Power: 2 x 10A.
If possible complete black out.
Set / Strike time: 120 min / 60 min